Arbeitsgemeinschaft Algebra

Prof. Dr. Kemper, Prof. Dr. Liedtke, Prof. Dr. Viehmann


Zeit und Ort

  Dienstags, 14:15 - 15:45 oder 16:15 - 17:45 in MI 02.06.020


14. 9.

Zsolt Patakfalvi (Princeton)

On projectivity of the moduli space of stable surfaces in characteristic p > 5  

Lenny Taelman (Amsterdam)

K3 surfaces over finite fields with given L-function  

Dilip Patil (Bangalore)

Burnside Algebras of finite groups  
26. 1.

Stavros Papadakis (Ioannina)

Weak Lefschetz Property and stellar subdivisions of simplicial complexes  
2. 2.

Kay Rülling (FU Berlin)

Higher Chow groups with modulus and relative Milnor K-theory  
7. 3.

Elizabeth Milicevic (Haverford College)

Affine Deligne-Lusztig Varieties and Alcove Walks  
22. 3.

Gebhard Martin (TUM)

Enriques surfaces with finite automorphism groups in positive characteristic  
3. 5.

Arne Smeets (FWO Vlaanderen/Imperial College)

Cohomological tameness and logarithmic good reduction