Course Overview

Algebraic Geometry is (at least historically) the study of geometric objects defined by polynomial equations. The easiest example of this kind is the unit circle being defined by x2 + y2 = 1. In this seminar, we will discuss basic notions and intuitions of Algebraic Geometry by studying explicit examples.

The seminar is organized jointly with Prof. Eva Viehmann. It is intended to complement the lecture Algebra 2 by Prof. Christian Liedtke.


Joe Harris: Algebraic Geometry - a first course

Detailed program

Date and time: Monday, 14-16h c.t.
Location: On campus, room 02.06.020. Please note the official covid measures. In particular, you need either a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery from the disease, as well as a student ID card.
List of talks: here

Timeplan (subject to change)

03/09: Introduction and talk assignment. Slides
18/10: Talk 1
25/10: Talk 2
01/11: Public holiday, no seminar
08/11: Talk 3
15/11: Talk 4
22/11: Talk 5
29/11: Talk 6
06/12: Talk 7
13/12: Talk 8