Case Studies Life Science in Mathematics in Summer 2023

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In the Case Studies Life Science Mathematics, you and your team model – largely independent – a biological system by methods taught in Biomathematics and Biostatistics classes. Visit the Info Sessionon March 3!

Case studies: Young people working together on the computer and tablet.
In the Life Science Mathematics case studies, students model a biological system using methods from biomathematics and biostatistics. Photo: fauxels/

The participants work in small groups of 2 to 4 persons. The project work includes formulation of the model, analysis and simulations of the model as well as the interpretation of the results and a final presentation of the project. The students are supervised intensely and receive individual mentoring, support and training.

Within the scope of the case studies, introductions in soft skills like presentation techniques, literature research, and methods to set up of realistic work schedule will be offered as preparation. A special focus is set on the connection of Mathematics with a concrete application from life sciences. Thereby, apart from the internal exchange concerning the progresses and results, also the project presentation for people from other disciplines or different educational background is trained.

Info Session on March 3

An informal meeting takes place on Friday, March, 3rd, 2023 at 10.00h online via Zoom.

Welcome there, we are looking forward to many interested people! If you cannot attend the meeting, but are interested in further information or participation, please contact one of the supervisors, Johannes Müller, Pirmin Schlicke or Christina Kuttler.

Case Studies Life Science in Mathematics 2023

In the summer semester 2023, we offer 4 interdisciplinary projects run in cooperation with groups from different Departments at TUM or other research institutions.

The course is offered for Master students of the Departments of Mathematics, especially those enrolled in the study course "Mathematics" with major field of study "Biomathematics and Biostatistics".

The Department of Mathematics also offers Case Studies in Optimization and Scientific Computing.