Women in Math Science: Application open

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We want to promote female mathematicians. That is why the Department awards the Entrepreneurial Awards as part of the "Global Challenges for Women in Math Science" program. Apply with your project for 2023!

It is our aim to create role models in science, and especially to support young female researchers in developing their scholarly potential. Therefore, the Department of Mathematics at the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology annually offers funding for research visits and trips, as well as other research-related projects and activities in mathematics, provided that female mathematicians are involved.

Application for the Entrepreneurial Awards

With the Entrepreneurial Program, we provide a budget to distribute amongst successful applicants from the Department of Mathematics who wish to

  • invite female guest speakers,
  • travel to academic conferences, or
  • make a research stay at an external university or institution.

The program also welcomes applicants from the Department of Mathematics for funding in other areas of mathematical research, such as organizing workshops, acquiring materials necessary for research, etc. The participation of female scholars is required, and international co-operation is strongly encouraged.

Apply by 1st February 2023 and submit your project! Eligible is any female faculty member at junior or senior level. Further information about the various formats and terms of participation can be found under Global Challenges for Women in Math Science.

Awards for the best female students

Also funded by the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology's program "Global challenges for Women in Math Science" are the Achievement Awards for the best female Mathematics students. Recipients are selected automatically on the basis of their exam results.