Picture of Michel Kschonnek

M.Sc. Michel Kschonnek

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Mathematical Finance (Prof. Zagst)

Postal address

Parkring 11/II
85748 Garching b. München

Short CV

In October 2015, Michel Kschonnek started his undergraduate studies in Mathematics at TUM and later joined the TopMath BSc-program under the supervision of Prof. Zagst in October 2017.  During his studies, Michel spent an ERASMUS semester at the University of Bath and gained practical experience at Allianz and Deloitte, before finishing his undergraduate studies with a bachelor’s thesis titled “Dynamic Portfolio Optimization Methods: A Comparison “. Afterwards, he transitioned to the doctoral phase of the TopMath program and conducted a research semester at Western University, before returning in October 2019. Upon returning, he started to work part time for Zobel Values and took on a position at the chair of mathematical finance in February 2020.




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