ERC Consolidator Grant "Newton strata"

  • Proposal 770936: NewtonStrat
  • Consolidator Grant (CoG), PE1, ERC-2017-CoG
  • granted for 6/2018 - 5/2023
  • PI: Eva Viehmann


The Langlands programme is a far-reaching web of conjectural or proven correspondences joining the fields of representation theory and of number theory. It is one of the centerpieces of arithmetic geometry, and has in the past decades produced many spectacular breakthroughs, for example the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem by Taylor and Wiles. The most successful approach to prove instances of Langlands’ conjectures is via algebraic geometry, by studying suitable moduli spaces such as Shimura varieties. Their cohomology carries actions both of a linear algebraic group (such as GLn) and a Galois group associated with the number field one is studying. A central tool in the study of the arithmetic properties of these moduli spaces is the Newton stratification, a natural decomposition based on the moduli description of the space.

The aim of this project is a novel approach to the local Langlands programme via a comprehensive investigation of various types of Newton strata in moduli spaces and the exploitation of their mutual relations. This involves several recent developments such as representation-theoretic methods and results to describe their geometry and cohomology and an investigation of the adic version of the Newton stratification recently introduced by Scholze and Caraiani.




Prof. Dr. Eva Viehmann

Dr. Paul Hamacher

Dr. Kieuhieu Nguyen

Giorgi Vardosanidze

Dr. Paul Ziegler


Former members:

Dr. Shinan Liu

Felix Schremmer