Information on the Preparation of a Letter of Recommendation

  • Only those students are given a letter of recommendation who attended a reading/seminar or similar at the chair.
  • The letter of recommendation will not be sent to the applicant but directly to the address that requested it.
  • Please note that it takes three weeks to prepare your letter of recommendation. Therefore please make sure that you apply for it in due time.
  • Please attach all relevant documents to your application, such as:
  1. Private address
  2. Reason for the report & recipient address
  3. Lectures attended (with overview of grades)
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Certificates of internships, high school diploma
  6. Date of birth, place of birth, male/female
  7. Subject XXX at the Technical University of Munich since XXX
  8. Bachelor: field of study, from/to    
  9. (Master: field of study, from/to)
  10. Since when and how do we know each other
  11. Strengths and weaknesses
  12. Academic achievements
  13. Prizes in mathematics and similar competitions
  14. Internships already completed
  15. Social commitment
  16. Language skills