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Aktuelle und abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Sloot, Henrik
Stochastic representations of Marshall–Olkin distributions and upper semilinear copulas

Zeller, Gabriela
Cyber Risk and Insurance: Risk and Dependence Modelling and Optimal Pricing of Cyber Assistance

Kschonnek, Michel
Duality Methods for Dynamic Portfolio Optimization with Constraints

Brück, Florian
Exchangeable Minimum-Infinitely Divisible Sequences: Characterization, Simulation And A Detour To Model Selection

Havrylenko, Yevhen
Risk limitation and risk sharing in investment and insurance

Jaser, Miriam
Goodness-of-fit tests for elliptical copulas 

Engel, Janina
Financial Network Models 

Lichtenstern, Andreas
Optimal Investment Strategies for Pension Funds

Bienek, Tobias
Hedging and Valuation of Contingent Guarantees

Hüttner, Amelie Angelika
Selected topics in credit risk: Realistic modeling of correlations and new pricing approaches for credit products

Schulz, Thorsten
Stochastic dependencies in derivative pricing: Decoupled BNS-volatility, sequential modeling of jumps, and extremal WWR

Ramsauer, Franz
Estimation of factor models with incomplete data and their applications

Mahlstedt, Mirco
Complexity Reduction for Option Pricing

Gaß, Maximilian
PIDE methods and concepts for parametric option pricing

Neykova, Daniela
Optimal Investment Strategies under Affine Markov-Switching Models: Theory, Examples and Implementation

Schenk, Steffen
Exchangeable exogenous shock models
2016, Gauß-Award of DGVFM, Excellence Award is awarded by the Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in Hamburg (VFVH)

Selch, Daniela
A multivariate Cox process with simultaneous jump arrivals and its application in insurance modelling
2016, 1. Place SCOR-Preis 2016

Bernhart, German
Advances in financial engineering: Bondesson densities, the construction of MSMVE distributions, and the modeling of discrete cash dividends

Fernandez, Lexuri
Selected Topics in Financial engineering: First-exit times and dependence structures of Marshall-Olkin kind

Krayzler, Mikhail
Analytical Pricing of Variable Annuities
2015, Gauß-Award for the paper "Closed-form solutions for Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefits" resulted of the dissertation

Bannör, Karl Friedrich
Incorporating parameter risk into derivatives prices – bid-ask pricing and calibration

Hieber, Peter
First-exit times and their applications in default risk management
2013, Gauß-Award of DGVFM, Excellence Award is awarded by the Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in Hamburg (VFVH)

Ilg, Melanie
Defaultable term structure models: macroeconomic impact and valuation of complex credit- and inflation-linked derivatives

Götz, Barbara
Valuation of multi-dimensional derivatives in a stochastic covariance framework

Mai, Jan-Frederik
Extendibility of Marshall-Olkin distributions via Lévy subordinators and an application to portfolio credit risk
2010, Gauß-Award of DGVFM, Excellence Award is awarded by the Verein zur Förderung der Versicherungswissenschaft in Hamburg (VFVH)

Schlösser, Anna
Pricing and Risk Management of Synthetic CDOs
2010, Gauß-Award for the paper "The Crash-NIG copula model: modeling dependence in credit portfolios through the crisis" resulted of the dissertation

Höcht, Stephan
Determination and Valuation of Recovery Risk in Credit-Risk Models

Muhle-Karbe, Johannes
On Utility-Based Investment, Pricing and Hedging in Incomplete Markets
2009, awarded the Förderpreis of the Fachgruppe Stochastik of the German Mathematical Society  and the inaugural Nicola Bruti Liberati Prize of the Bachelier Finance Society

Grau, Andreas J.
Applications of Least-Squares Regressions to Pricing and Hedging of Financial Derivatives

Kolbe, Andreas
Valuation of mortgage products with stochastic prepayment-intensity models

Pauwels, Arnd Philipp
Varianz-optimales Hedging in affinen Volatilitätsmodellen

Schöttle, Katrin
Robust Optimization with Application in Asset Management