Quantum Science

Quantum effects govern the behavior of a variety of systems including photons, single atoms, molecules and complex many-body systems in condensed matter physics. Quantum science studies such systems and effects, investigates their applications and develops the corresponding theoretical framework.

Insights into the underlying mathematical structures are the key to addressing questions related to fundamental physics and chemistry, as well as to operational problems rooted in computer science and information theory.

Research areas

Quantum science research at the TUM centers around

  • quantitative analytical methods for the study of electronic structures in quantum chemistry
  • numerical methods for high-dimensional models of molecular quantum dynamics
  • randomness in quantum systems
  • fundamental limits to quantum communication and computation
  • foundations of quantum physics
  • control and dynamics of open quantum systems
  • fluid type approximations for many-particle quantum systems


Foto von Caroline Lasser

Caroline Lasser, Prof. Dr.

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