Dynamical Systems

Research group of Prof. Dr. Daniel Matthes

The research group of Prof. Matthes explores the qualitative theory of partial differential equation solutions.

Matthes, Daniel; Prof. Dr. rer. nat. TUM - 18300
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Team Assistant
Scientific Staff
Parsch, Christian E-Mail Kein Bild
Pazukhina, Vera; M.Sc. TUM - 18302
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Basis für Durchwahlnummern: TUM: +49 (89) 289

Winter term 2023/24

Course no.TitleDatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
0220009245Analysis SeminarLink2SE
  • G. Friesecke
  • M. Cicalese
  • D. Matthes
0000003722Höhere Analysis in Aufgaben [MA1009]Link2UE
  • D. Matthes
0000003142Partial Differential Equations 2- Nonlinear Evolution Equations (Exercise Session) [CIT4130024]Link2UE
  • D. Matthes
  • V. Pazukhina
0000003139Partial Differential Equations 2- Nonlinear Evolution Equations [CIT4130024]Link4VO
  • D. Matthes

Name Research Activity University Term
Prof. Dr.  Filippo Santambrodgio John v. Neumann-Professor Université Paris SUD 
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon
SoSe 2018
Prof. Dr. Guillaume Carlier John v. Neumann-Professor Ceremede Dauphine SoSe 2018

Dr. Simon Plazotta

Dr. Benjamin Söllner