Your study program is subdivided into modules, each of which consists of one or more lectures or seminars that are coordinated in terms of content and timetables. This is the preliminary overview of classes offered int the winter semester 2023/24:

Lectures for the winter semester 2023/2024

Undergraduate Studies: Compulsory Courses

MA0001/0006 Analysis 1 (inkl Fragestunde) (Kühn)
MA0003 Analysis 3 (Zimmer)
MA0004/0006 Lineare Algebra 1 (inkl Fragestunde) (Hoffmann)
MA0008 Numerik (Wohlmuth)
MA0009 Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik (Rolles)
MA0010 Einführung in die Programmierung (Lunowa)


Undergraduate Studies: Advanced Courses

MA2902 Fallstudien der mathematischen Modellbildung (Catala; König; Warzel)
MA3409 Applied Regression (BSc) (Ankerst)


Vertiefung Mathematik Bachelor

MA2409 Probability Theory (Krahmer)
MA3001 Functional Analysis (Friesecke)
MA3301 Numerics of Differential Equations (Junge)
MA3503 Nonlinear Optimization (Vexler)
MA3505 Integer Optimization (Weltge)
MA3601 Mathematical Models in Biology (Kuttler)
MA5120 Algebra 2 (Kemper)


Master Mathematik, grundlegend

MA3080 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics (Junge)
MA3205 Differential Geometry (Hoffmann)
MA3403 Generalized Linear Models (Czado)
MA3405 Insurance Mathematics 1 (Scherer)
MA3407 Financial Mathematics 1 (Min)
MA3442 Actuarial Risk Theory (Gantert)
MA3703 Fixed Income Markets (Min)
MA4804 Geometry and Topology for Data Analysis (Bauer)
MA5417 Large Deviations (Gantert)


Master Mathematik, Spezialvorlesungen

CIT4100003 Approximation Algorithms (Wiese)
CIT4130017 Random Dynamical Systems (Rasmussen)
CIT4130018 Linear Algebraic Groups (Liedtke)
CIT4130019 Nonconvex global optimization (Fornasier)
CIT4130020 Nonsmooth Optimization (Ulbrich)
CIT4130021 Advanced Topics in Uncertainty Quantification (Ullmann)
CIT4130022 Differential Forms (Wolf)
CIT4130023 Algebraic Number Theory 2 (Cobbe)
CIT4130024 Partial Differential Equations 2 - Nonlinear Evolution Equations (Matthes)
MA4304 Computational Plasma Physics (Sonnendrücker)
MA5019 Mathematical Continuum Mechanics (Alt; Witterstein)
MA5063 Mathematical Foundations of Imaging (Filbir; Krahmer)
MA5133 Bordism and Topological Field Theories (Scheimbauer)
MA5207 Fractal Geometry (Massopust)
MA5408 Statistical analysis of copulas (Czado)
MA5441 Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics (Haug)
MA5617 Computational methods for single-cell biology (Colomé Tatché; Marr; Theis)
MA5619 Dynamics of Democratic Elections (Müller)
MA5709 Investment Strategies (Knochenhauer)
MA8113 TUM Data Innovation Lab (Acevedo Cabra; Fornasier; Heid; Scagliotti)


Lehramt Gymnasium

MA1005 Analysis 1 LG (Deiser)
MA1007 Analysis 3 LG (Hofmaier)
MA1105 Lineare Algebra 1 LG (Landgraf)
MA2103 Algebra für LG (Himstedt; Panny )
MA2210 Mathematik-Visualisierung LG (Lange ; Vogel)