TUM-ICL Mathematical Sciences Hub

In this Mathematical Sciences Hub, the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) collaborates closely with the Mathematics Department of Imperial College London (ICL). 

Collaborative mathematics hub within flagship partnership

The mathematical sciences hub is part of the flagship partnership between the TUM and the ICL. It provides a forum for intensive exchange and builds on strong existing links and common research interests, for example in the areas of random systems, modelling, statistics, PDEs as well as applied and numerical analysis.

At TUM, Professor Christian Kühn is the scientific director of the hub, strongly supported by our Department Head, Professor Michael Ulbrich. Following an opening workshop at ICL in 2019 and a further joint workshop at the TUM Department of Mathematics in January 2020, the hub now explores further avenues for future joint research projects and funding initiatives between both mathematics departments, whilst immediately providing financial support for initial collaborations.

Members are encouraged to apply for financial support, which is funded by the mathematics departments of both nodes. The support provides funding for research visits between both departments, the organization of joint workshops and summer schools, and similar initiatives.

The application process is straightforward and is open to all members of both departments. 

News and events

Imperial-TUM Zero Pollution Seed Fund

TUM and ICL have decided to join forces in the strategic topic of Zero Pollution, and to set up a joint Zero Pollution Network including a dedicated seed fund to initiate new collaborative projects. The Zero Pollution Seed Fund is meant to accelerate the most innovative ideas and technologies that offer ‘disruptive impact.’ The seed fund is meant to be a stepping stone to future, more comprehensive collaborative projects, e.g. by involving additional stakeholders in the London and Munich ecosystems, or by leading to new science and to future applications for external funding.

Further information and application deadlines can be found at the TUM Global & Alumni Office

Next Generation Models of Financial Data

Machine learning methods in financial mathematics: In order to intensify collaboration on this topic, Professor Blanka Horvath organizes a kick-off meeting from 20 to 22 September 2021.

Six projects for "Mathematics of Information"

The TUM and ICL are funding six research projects on "Mathematics of Information: Theory and Application". The Department of Mathematics is involved in two of them.

Past events

Weekly online seminar between TUM and ICL with alternating speakers, organized by Oliver Junge, professor of Numerics of Complex Systems.

Workshop with talks from members of both nodes

The aim of this workshop is to explore avenues for future joint research projects and funding initiatives involving the mathematics departments at ICL and TUM and to strengthen the relationship between both institutions (see program).

Financial support within the hub

Goals and eligible activities

The program supports the development of new and the expansion of existing research cooperation projects between ICL and TUM, for example through: 

  • Meetings of collaborators of all levels (from master's graduate to professor)
  • Participation in schools or conferences at ICL
  • Joint workshops, seminars, symposia etc.
  • Preparation of joint proposals for third party funding
  • Starting or furthering joint teaching/research collaboration

All members of the TUM Department of Mathematics may apply.

Application process and form

Please apply using this form only, and send your application to Diane Clayton-Winter.

Your application will be considered by our scientific committee and answered within three weeks of submission. The funds will be reserved for your project and ready for use as soon as required.

Other funding

Please note that other TUM funding sources can also be applied to collaborations within the flagship partnership, such as for visiting professors from the TUM Global Visiting Professor Program or the John-von-Neumann Visiting Professorship Program. Research visits of doctorate students can also be supported through the TUM Graduate School

Scientific advisory board

We are delighted to have the support of the following leading mathematicians as members of our scientific advisory board:

Prof. Dr. Claudia Klüppelberg

Technical University of Munich

Prof. Dr. Barbara Niethammer

University of Bonn

Prof. Dr. Herbert Spohn

Technical University of Munich