Research in Mathematics at the interface of theory and application is our mission. The Department of Mathematics in the School of Computation, Information and Technology at the Technical University of Munich covers the full range: from fundamental areas of Pure Mathematics to mathematical applications in Engineering, Computer Science, the Life Sciences, Finance, Data Analysis and more. Here, we are the leading institution in Europe.

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Gabriela Zeller and Matthias Scherer receive GAUSS Prize 2022

The German Society for Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (DGVFM) and the German Actuary Association (DAV) have awarded the GAUSS Prize 2022 to…

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Mini-Workshop on Positive Geometry

Combinatorics and algebraic geometry are linked to particle physics and cosmology in completely unexpected ways. This challenges our current…

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New CRC with significant participation on the part of TUM

The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved the new project TRR 352, which deals with the mathematical analysis of models from condensed matter…

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Bruno Nachtergeale: Humboldt Award Winner is Guest at TUM

Humboldt Research Award Winner Bruno Nachtergaele will be a guest of Simone Warzel, Professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), in the…

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Epidemiology: Summer School in Kenia

Epidemics have immediate and long-term effects on people worldwide. In March 2023, young researchers from Africa and Europe will deepen their…