TUM|Stat - Statistical Consulting at TUM

TUM|Stat is the statistical consulting service of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). We provide statistical consulting services within and outside TUM. TUM|Stat exists since October 2007 and is affiliated to the Research Group Statistics of the Department of Mathematics.

Consulting Service

The consulting service is especially offered to all scientists and students of the Technical University of Munich who deal with the following questions:

  • design of experiments
  • data analysis
  • selection, application and description of mathematical and statistical methods

Our services

Support from TUM|Stat extends from the design of the experiment to the preparation of the data up to the statistical analysis. TUM|Stat advises on selecting suitable analysis methods and, if necessary, develops new methods for adequately analysing the existing data set. In interpreting the results obtained, assistance is provided from a statistical point of view.

Support can, therefore, be:

  • a simple oral consultation
  • a complete statistical analysis, including the preparation of a final report with a detailed description of the statistical procedures (for external inquiries)
  • a joint, possibly long-term research project
  • jointly supervised master theses and dissertations

Statistics consulting for TUM members

To request a TUM internal consultation, please use the registration form. Please take a look at the following notes. There is a separate consulting service for the members of the Departments Preclinical and Clinical Medicine at the TUM School of Medicine and Health. Please direct your inquiries to the Chair for Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology (Contact: Birgit Waschulzik).

Statistical consulting for organisations outside TUM

For the advice of companies from the private sector, TUM|Stat will charge a reasonable fee, the amount of which will be determined individually and will depend on the scope of the research work. Requests for advice can be sent to the email address statistical.consulting (at) tum.de. Members from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) should contact the Statistical Consulting Laboratory STABLAB.

Research data management

Have you already thought about how to handle your research data during and after the end of your research project. Then the first steps towards a data management plan have already been taken. If you need further help in creating a data management plan, the TUM Research Data Hub can help you.

In particular, you should consider how FAIR your research data is.

TUM|Stat Courses

TUM|Stat also offers courses on statistics and R. An overview can be found at TUM|Stat Courses.

Statistical software

TUM|Stat recommends the use of the statistical programming environment R. The software is freely available under the GNU General Public License. The software RStudio from posit provides an integrated development environment. The posit team supports a number of R packages. Particularly noteworthy are the packages knitr and rmarkdown. Both enable the documentation of reproducible research results in a simple manner.

Note: Anyway, you can also submit consulting requests that relate to other statistical programs. In a joint appointment, we will clarify to what extent TUM|Stat can help in this case.

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A lot of other titles can be found on Books related to R.