Registration Information for Statistical Consulting

In the registration form you are asked to summarize your project and central statistical question(s). In particular you should specify:

  • Time frame of work.
  • Specification of the problem: What do you want to find out exactly? Please put priorities, which questions do you want to investigate primarily, which are only secondary questions?
  • Please describe the data format in detail. Which variables that are relevant to your question are collected, and in what form are the data available?
  • What statistical software is available to you?
  • Please provide a brief overview of the evaluation methods have you used so far.

The description should be detailed enough that one can understand without further explanation.


If a publication results from the work for which you have received a consulting service from TUM|Stat, then TUM|Stat (i.e. the respective consultant) must be appropriately (in the sense of the TUM guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice) be involved in it. The manuscript must be shown prior to publication TUM|Stat if TUM|Stat staff members are mentioned in the manuscript (for example, in the acknowledgments) or co-authors. 


(1) The responsibility for the content and liability, in particular for the methodological part of the work, the formulations of statistics, the correctness of the calculations and the data used lies with the author of the work or, if commissioned by a TUM institution, with this institution, TUM|Stat assumes no responsibility or liability for the correctness of the methodological part of the work, the formulations for the statistics or the correctness of the calculations performed and the data used. If data are submitted to TUM | Stat for evaluation during the consultation, the person seeking advice or the TUM institution responsible must ensure that no third-party rights are thereby infringed. The author / TUM institution releases TUM|Stat from claims of third parties.
(2) Publications in which TUM|Stat or the name of a TUM|Stat staff member is named are agreed in advance with TUM|Stat. TUM|Stat is entitled to refuse its consent to the publication of the reference to TUM|Stat or its staff members.


TUM | Stat should be contacted as early as possible, ideally before the data collection. Competent statistical advice is time-consuming. For example, for master's theses, contact should be made at least 2 months before the deadline. If a joint supervision of a thesis is planned, the contact must be established before the start of the processing time.


For theses, the supervisor must agree to the request for statistical advice. TUM|Stat will inform the supervisor about the consulting.