Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics

Research group of Prof. Dr. Christian Kühn

The research interests of Christian Kühn's research group lies at the interface of differential equations, dynamical systems and mathematical modelling. A key goal is to analyze multiscale problems and the effect of noise/uncertainty in various classes of ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations as well as in network dynamics. The phenomena of central interest are: patterns, bifurcations and scaling laws. On a technical level, Kühn's work aims to build bridges between different areas dynamical systems and to various applications.

Kühn, Christian; Prof. Dr. E-Mail Raum: 03.06.061 Portrait
Team Assistant
Scientific Staff
Bernuzzi, Paolo TUM - 17095
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Chiusole, Gideon; B.Sc. TUM - 18342
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Gonzalez Herrero, Maria Elena; M.Sc. TUM - 16843
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Hilder, Bastian; Dr. rer. nat. E-Mail Portrait
Kluge, Christian; M.Sc. TUM - 18342
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Kuntz, Sara-Viola; M.Sc. TUM - 18336
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Mölter, Jan; Ph.D. TUM - 18312
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Piazzola, Chiara; Dr. TUM - 18406
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Queirolo, Elena TUM - 17095
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Sulzbach, Jan-Eric; Ph.D. TUM - 17095
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Wöhrer, Tobias E-Mail Kein Bild
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Winter term 2023/24

Course no.TitleDatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
0000002904Analysis 1 (Central Exercise Session) [MA0001]Link2UE
0000005324Analysis 1 (Exercise Session) [MA0001]Link2UE
0000005325Analysis 1 (Question Time) [MA0006]Link1UE
0000003251Analysis 1 [MA0001]Link5VO
0000005291Hausaufgabenhilfe Analysis 1 [MA0006]Link0.5UE

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The research of the group "Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics" lies at the interface between several fields. Therefore, a thesis topic can be selected from quite a wide range of topics you may be interested in. However, you should have a suitable amount of specialized coursework consisting of courses in at least one of the following areas:

  • differential equations / dynamical systems (ODE, PDE, dynamics)
  • probability / stochastic processes (stochastic analysis)
  • scientific computing / numerical analysis / machine learning
  • mathematical modelling (network science, biology, and/or physics)
  • geometry (differential and/or algebraic)

Please contact to make an appointment to plan a possible thesis.

Name Research Activity University Term
Prof. Dr. Martin Rasmussen John von Neumann Professor Imperial College London WiSe 2023/ 2024
Prof. Dr. Grigiorios Pavliotis John von Neumann Professor Imperial College London SoSe 2019