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Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics

Research group of Prof. Dr. Christian Kühn

The research interests of Christian Kühn's research group lies at the interface of differential equations, dynamical systems and mathematical modelling. A key goal is to analyze multiscale problems and the effect of noise/uncertainty in various classes of ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations as well as in network dynamics. The phenomena of central interest are: patterns, bifurcations and scaling laws. On a technical level, Kühn's work aims to build bridges between different areas dynamical systems and to various applications.

Kühn, Christian; Prof. Dr. E-Mail Raum: 03.06.061 Portrait
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Scientific Staff
Bernuzzi, Paolo TUM - 17095
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Winter term 2023/24

Course no.TitleDatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
0000002904Analysis 1 (Central Exercise Session) [MA0001]Link2UE
0000005324Analysis 1 (Exercise Session) [MA0001]Link2UE
0000005325Analysis 1 (Question Time) [MA0006]Link1UE
0000003251Analysis 1 [MA0001]Link5VO
0000005291Hausaufgabenhilfe Analysis 1 [MA0006]Link0.5UE

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Aktuelle Vortragende

06.03.2023 15:00 Sergey Tikhomirov: Two tube model of miscible displacement: viscous fingers as travelling waves

20.03.2023 15:00 Prof. Goro Akagi (Tohoku University): Rate of convergence to asymptotic profiles for fast diffusion on domains via energy methods

27.03.2023 15:00 Antonia Duex: Early-warning signs of SDEs with multiplication operators

17.04.2023 15:00 Artur Stephan (WIAS Berlin): Fast-slow chemical reaction systems: gradient systems and EDP-convergence

24.04.2023 15:00 Andreas Morr (PIK Potsdam): Red Noise in continuous-time Stochastic Modelling

08.05.2023 15:00 Pascal Lehner: An Infinite Dimensional Linear Fast-Reaction System

22.05.2023 15:00 Anastastia Golovin (TUM): Extension of the Adaptive Voter Model to Hypergraphs

05.06.2023 15:00 Yu Meng (MPG): Tipping point in stochastic networked dynamical system

05.06.2023 16:00 Josias Reppekus (Uni Wuppertal): One-resonance and doubly connected basins of attraction in dynamics of iterated holomorphic maps

12.06.2023 15:00 Bastian Hilder: Modulating fronts in pattern-forming systems with oscillatory instability

12.06.2023 16:00 Xianliang Zhao (Bielefeld University) : Derivation of macroscopic equations for interacting diffusions with singular kernels

13.06.2023 16:00 Marcel Oliver (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt): Optimal Balance: Accuracy, quasi-convergence and implementation

26.06.2023 15:00 Marc Hovemann : Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces and Applications: PDEs, Dynamical Systems and Neural Networks

26.06.2023 16:00 Michel Davydov (Inria): Replica-mean-field limit of continuous-time fragmentation-aggregation-interaction processes

03.07.2023 15:00 Gideon Chiusole (TUM): Towards Abstract Wiener Model Spaces

10.07.2023 15:00 Georg Heinze (Uni Augsburg): Graph-based nonlocal gradient systems and their local limits

17.07.2023 15:00 Jaeyoung Yoon: Winfree model with higher-order couplings and influences

24.07.2023 15:00 Martina Conte: Modeling of cell dynamics across scales

18.09.2023 15:00 Kate Meyer (Carleton College): Continuation of fixed points and bifurcations from ODE to flow-kick disturbance models

16.10.2023 15:00 Stefanie Ecker (TUM): SIS models and the impact of stress on infection rates.

23.10.2023 15:00 Rainer Engelken (Columbia): Lyapunov Spectra of Recurrent Neural Networks: Implications for Machine Learning

23.10.2023 16:00 Iacopo Longo (Imperial College): Persistent synchronization of heterogeneous networks with time-dependent linear diffusive coupling

30.10.2023 15:00 Eddie Nijholt (Imperial College London): High-order phase reduction using the parameterization method


The research of the group "Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics" lies at the interface between several fields. Therefore, a thesis topic can be selected from quite a wide range of topics you may be interested in. However, you should have a suitable amount of specialized coursework consisting of courses in at least one of the following areas:

  • differential equations / dynamical systems (ODE, PDE, dynamics)
  • probability / stochastic processes (stochastic analysis)
  • scientific computing / numerical analysis
  • mathematical modelling (network science, biology, and/or physics)
  • geometry (differential and/or algebraic)

If you are unsure, what courses might be helpful for you to write a thesis in the areas mentioned above in the group "Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics", any subset or combination of the following courses is helpful:

Module Name
Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics
Dynamical Systems
Partial Differential Equations
Functional Analysis
Numerical Methods for ODEs
Stochastic Analysis
Partial Differential Equations 2
Numerical Methods for PDEs
Markov Chains
Topics in Dynamical Systems
Mathematical Models in Biology
Markov Processes
Operator Theory
Differential Geometry
Large Deviations
Complex Analysis
Fourier Analysis


Beyond these courses, there are many other relevant ones on offer; any course where the five general areas mentioned above appear in some form will be helpful.

Please contact  ckuehn@ma.tum.de to make an appointment to plan a possible thesis.

Name Research Activity University Term
Prof. Dr. Martin Rasmussen John von Neumann Professor Imperial College London WiSe 2023/ 2024 (planned)
Prof. Dr. Grigiorios Pavliotis John von Neumann Professor Imperial College London SoSe 2019

Dr. Sebastian Throm
Dr. Manuel Gnann
Katharina Eichinger, M. Sc.
Dr. Anne Pein
Dr. Maxime Breden
Dr. Alexandra Neamtu
Dr. Hildeberto Jardón Kojakhmetov
Dr. Maximilian Engel
Dr. Cinzia Soresina
Dr. Felix Hummel
Marios Gkogkas, M. Sc.
Dr. Konstain Clauß
Maximiian Steinert, M. Sc.
Dr. Iacopo Longo
Dr. Kerstin Lux
Luca Arcidiacono, M. Sc.