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Research group of Prof. Dr. Simone Warzel

I am a mathematical physicist with a background in condensed matter theory focusing on quantum systems. One set of research topics broadly concerns the interplay of randomness and quantum effects as e.g. in quantum glasses and other disordered quantum systems. Another research topic are correlated many-body quantum systems and their emergent (topological) properties such as fractional quantum Hall or quantum spin systems. Mathematically speaking, this involves combining and uncovering techniques from analysis to probability such as random matrix or operator theory as well as spectral theory and methods from statistical mechanics.

Warzel, Simone; Prof. Dr. TUM - 17911
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Team Assistant
Nicpon-Stasch, Mariola TUM - 18309
stasch@tum.de Raum: 03.06.052 Portrait
Scientific Staff
Manai, Chokri; M.Sc. TUM - 17040
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Stengele, Sebastian; M.Sc. sebastian.stengele@tum.de Portrait
Young, Amanda; Ph.D. TUM - 17086
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Name Research Activity University Term
Prof. Dr. Bruno Nachtergaele Humboldt Research Award Winner University of California, Davis WS 2022  / WS 2023


Dr. Vincent Beaud

Dr. Per von Soosten

Dr. Martina Geschwendtner