Picture of Simone Warzel

Prof. Dr. Simone Warzel

Technical University of Munich

Associate Professorship of Analysis and its applications (Prof. Warzel)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München


I am a mathematical physicist with a background in condensed matter theory focusing on quantum systems. One set of research topics broadly concerns the interplay of randomness and quantum effects as e.g. in quantum glasses and other disordered quantum systems. Another research topic are correlated many-body quantum systems and their emergent (topological) properties such as fractional quantum Hall or quantum spin systems. Mathematically speaking, this involves combining and uncovering techniques from analysis to probability such as random matrix or operator theory as well as spectral theory and methods from statistical mechanics.

Editorial work and other services for the community
Letters in Mathematical Physics (Chief editor)
Journal of Mathematical PhysicsJournal of Statistical PhysicsProbability and Mathematical Physics

I am currently the German representative and vice-chair in Commission 18: Mathematical Physics at IUPAP, and a member of the EC of Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology. From 2015-2020 I served as the treasurer of the International Association of Mathematical Physics.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2008
    Professor, TU Munich
  • 2006-2008
    Assistant Professor, Princeton University
  • 2003-2006
    Postdoc and lecturer at Princeton University
  • 2002
    Postdoc at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen & Universidad de Chile
  • 1997-2001
    PhD student at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen


Grants, Fellowships and Awards

  • 2019-
    Collaborative DFG Grant
  • 2014-2018
    DFG Grant
  • 2014-2017
    International Scholar Princeton University
  • 2013
    von Neumann Fellowship Award IAS
  • 2009
    Young Scientist Award by IUPAP
  • 2007-2010
    Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship
  • 2007-2013
    NSF Grant
  • 2003-2005
    DFG Postdoctorial Fellowship


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