Stochastic Analysis winter term 2018/19


Dates: Thursdays, 09:00 to 11:45 in room BC2 3.05.06 (lecture hall, 3rd floor) at Parkring 35/37 in Garching-Hochbrück.
First Lecture: October 18, 2018
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Nina Gantert
Prerequisites: Probability Theory
Content: Martingales in continuous time, Brownian motion: construction and properties, Donsker's invariance principle, Stochastic integrals, Ito's formula, stochastic differential equations, Girsanov's theorem
Script: Lecture notes are available on moodle.


Dates of classes:

We offer three classes every week:

We will alternate between tutorial classes (where you work on the tutorial exercises) and homework classes (where we present solutions to homework problems). Please see the schedule on the moodle page.
Organization of classes: Stefan Junk
Moodle: Please register for the exercise class for this course in TUMonline to get access to the moodle page for this course.
Bonus system:

You can earn a grade bonus for the exam by handing in solutions to the homework problems. Please read the information in moodle.