Consulting service

Support from TUM|Stat extends from the design of the experiment to the preparation of the data up to the statistical analysis of the data. TUM|Stat advises on the selection of suitable analysis methods and, if necessary, develops new methods for proper analysis of the existing data set. In interpreting the results obtained, assistance is provided from a statistical point of view.

Support can therefore be:

  • a simple oral consultation
  • a complete statistical analysis including the preparation of a final report with a detailed description of the statistical procedures (for external inquiries)
  • a joint, possibly long-term research project
  • jointly supervised master theses and dissertations

To request a TUM internal consultation, please use the registration form. Please observe the following notes.

There is a separate consulting service for the members of the TUM School of Medicine. Please direct your inquiries directly to IMSE Consulting.

Members from the LMU should contact the Statistical Consulting Laboratory STABLAB.

For the advice of companies from the private sector, TUM|Stat will charge a reasonable fee, the amount of which will be determined individually and will depend on the scope of the research work. Requests for advice can be sent to the email address (at)