Case studies (Life Science Mathematics) in summer semester 2024

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In this course, the participants, organised in small groups of 2-4 persons, model – largely independent – a biological system by methods taught in Biomathematics and Biostatistics classes. This includes literature research, formulation of the model, analysis and simulations of the model as well as the interpretation of the results and a final presentation of the project. The students are supervised intensely in the small groups and receive individual mentoring, support and training.

Within the scope of the case studies, introductions in soft skills like presentation techniques, literature research, and methods to set-up of realistic work schedule will be offered as preparation. Organisation and project work skills in a team will be acquired and tested on the basis of the own project.

A special focus is set on the connection of Mathematics with a concrete application from life sciences. Thereby, apart from the internal exchange concerning the progresses and results, also the project presentation for people from other disciplines or different educational background is trained.

The offered projects mainly are current interdisciplinary projects, run in cooperation with groups from different faculties at TUM or other research institutions.

The course is offered for Mathematics Master students, especially (but not limited on) those enrolled in the study course “Mathematics” with major field of study “Biomathematics and Biostatistics”.

Weekly hours: 4
ECTS credits: 7

The projects offered in summer semester 2024:

And of course, you are welcome to contact us - if there are any questions, we'll be happy to help!

Registration is possible until March 15th, 2024, it is mandatory and binding, attendance is compulsory. For the registration please write a short email to providing the following information:

  • your name
  • your master's program (with special focus, if applicable)
  • list of lectures that you have attended and may be related to this course
  • programming skills (programming languages and other programming related skills)
  • ranking of the projects (which do you find most interesting, which would be a good alternative etc.); please rank all projects.
  • optionally: persons you would like to work with as a team
  • optionally: any additional information that might be relevant for the choice of your project or your partners

Please, no extended texts, just lists are most helpful.

After March, 15th, 2024 we still may have a limited number of places available for incomings from abroad and for master students coming from other universities and starting at TUM this summer. If this applies to you, please write an email to .