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Supervised Theses

PhD Theses

  • Konstantin Althaus: Consensus-based rare event estimation. , 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Laura Beckmann: Physics-informed Neural Networks in Bayesian Inversion. Masterarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Tanja Wurdack: Physics-informed neural networks and finite differences augmented with neural networks for solving differential equations. Masterarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Manuel Gehmeyr: Bayesian Reconstruction and Optimal Experimental Design for Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography. Masterarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Daniel Fischer: Galerkin Neural Networks. Masterarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Tobias Blindganser: Analysis of the Karhunen-Loève truncation error for rare event estimation. Masterarbeit, 2021 mehr… BibTeX
  • Sabrina Balzer: Gaussian process surrogates for Bayesian parameter identification in computational oncology. Masterarbeit, 2018 mehr… BibTeX
  • Fabian Wagner: Particle Methods for Deep Learning, Supervisor. Masterarbeit, 2018 mehr… BibTeX
  • Marvin Eisenberger: Parameterized solution of Karhunen-Loeve Eigenproblems with Reduced Basis Methods in Uncertainty Quantification. Masterarbeit, 2017 mehr… BibTeX

  • Lino Marschall: Chladni Plate - Eigenvalue Problem of the Biharmonic Operator. Bachelorarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • Beatrix Rahnsch: Network-based inference for the prediction of the COVID-19 spread. Bachelorarbeit, 2022 mehr… BibTeX
  • David Niederkofler: Multigrid Methods for the Approximate Solution of Partial Differential Equations. Bachelorarbeit, 2021 mehr… BibTeX
  • Tobias Neubauer: Hierarchical Neural Networks for Rare Event Estimation. Bachelorarbeit, 2020 mehr… BibTeX
  • Vivien Wuwer: Stein Variational Gradient Descent for Rare Event Estimation. Bachelorarbeit, 2020 mehr… BibTeX
  • Samuel Amar: Adaptive Metropolis for Bayesian Inference in Crystallography. Bachelorarbeit, 2019 mehr… BibTeX
  • Joshua Ekaputra: Approximation of Dynamical Systems with Neural Networks. Bachelorarbeit, 2019 mehr… BibTeX
  • Sarah Kreuzer: Efficient Implementation of the Ising Model and Image Denoising. Bachelorarbeit, 2019 mehr… BibTeX
  • Christian Dietz: Iterative Solvers for Discretized PDEs. Bachelorarbeit, 2019 mehr… BibTeX
  • Medeea Horvat: Visual SLAM using artificial visual markers. Bachelorarbeit, 2019 mehr… BibTeX
  • Annabel Huber: Neural Networks as a Method for Solving ODEs. Bachelorarbeit, 2018 mehr… BibTeX
  • Konstantin Riedl: On multilevel algorithms for the estimation of failure probabilities and rare event simulation. Bachelorarbeit, 2018 mehr… BibTeX
  • Matthieu Bulté: Sequential Monte Carlo for time-dependent Bayesian Inverse Problems. Bachelorarbeit, 2018 mehr… BibTeX