Statistics courses at the Department of Mathematics

Courses for Bachelor's students

Courses for Master's students

The modules MA0009, MA3403, MA3404, MA4401 and MA5441 form the core of the statistics education at the Department of Mathematics. After successful completion of the modules MA3403 and MA5441, there are many opportunities for specialisation in the Master's area. In addition, courses from the field of data science (e.g. MA4802) and probability theory (MA2409) can supplement the training.


Information on Master's theses

A prerequisite for a Master's thesis in the field of statistics is the successful completion of the modules MA3403 and MA5441 as well as at least one module from the specialisation area. This latter module is ideally taken with the professor that will be the thesis supervisor.


A list of previous theses in the Mathematical Statistics Research Group can be found on mediaTUM.

Graduate Student Seminar on Statistics

The seminar is organised by the research group in mathematical statistics. The speakers in this seminar are Master students who present the results of their Master Thesis, PhD students of the research group who speak about their current research as well as guests of the group.

The seminar takes place in room BC1 2.01.10 under the current rules regarding on-campus teaching. If you want to be informed about upcoming talks, please join mailing list  of the seminar.

Past and upcoming seminar talks

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