Algebraic Topology WS 2019/20


Time and place:

Mon 14:15--16:00, Room 00.09.022
Tue 8:30--10:00, Room 00.07.014

Some links to videos illustrating the material covered in class:



NOTE: Due to the current situation with COVID-19 it is not yet clear whether the exam can take place. We are waiting fo official news from TUM. I will notify all registered students as soon as we receive any information.

First exam: 14.00-16.00 the 24.02 in MI HS 2 - 00.04.011
Second exam: first week of summer semester

Additional Q&A session: 14.00-16.00 the 19.02 in 00.07.014.

Exercise classes

Exercise class:   given by Eilind Karlsson

Fri 8:30--10:00, Room 00.07.014

Further reading

Some texts for further exploration

These articles are just for exploration and are not meant to be read (and understood) in full detail. Topics we have seen or will see in class such as the fundamental group, covering spaces, triangulations, (semi-)simplicial complexes, and homology appear naturally and have neat applications. 

On triangulations of surfaces - proof of (non-)existence

On links between topology and phases of matter - uses fundamental group and categories

On links between topology and crystals - uses covering spaces and homology

Topological Data Analysis - uses homology

Higher categories - uses the fundamental groupoid and simplicial sets

Distributed Computing - uses simplicial complexes and homology