Picture of Gero Friesecke

Prof. Dr. Gero Friesecke

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Global Analysis (Prof. Friesecke)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Interested in writing a Masters or doctoral thesis in my group?

  • Prerequisite: You need to have followed relevant advanced courses in analysis and/or computational mathematics
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Administrative positions

  • I hold the Chair for Analysis at TU Munich
  • I am co-editor of
    • Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (since 2010)
    • Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (1999-present)
    • SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2000-2004)
    • Applied Mathematics Research Express (2004-present)
  • Past administrative work:
    • Co-director, EPSRC network Mathematical challenges of molecular dynamics, U.K. (2008-2011)
    • Dean, Faculty of Mathematics, TU Munich (2012-2015)
  • Current administrative work:

Short CV

  • since 2004: Professor (C4), TU Munich
  • 2001-2004: Professor, University of Warwick, U.K.
  • 1998-2001: Professor, University of Oxford, U.K.
  • 1997-1998: University Lecturer, University of Oxford, U.K.
  • 1993-1997: Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University, Universität Freiburg, ETH Zürich
  • 1990-1993: PhD student in mathematics at Heriot-Watt University, U.K.
  • 1985-1990: Undergraduate student in mathematics and physics, Universität Bonn
  • Offers (not realized): Professor (C4), Universität Bonn (1998); Professor (W3), HU Berlin (2009)


  • Research Prize of the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach, 1995
  • Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society, 1999


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