Dr. Michael Ritter
Research Group: Discrete Optimization

Tel. +49 89 289 - 16880

Office: 02.04.057
Boltzmannstraße 3, 85478 Garching bei München

Consultation Hours

For consultation hours please see the website of the study office.

Research Interests

  • Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming
  • Matching, Packing and Covering Problems
  • Mathematical Modelling and Applications of Combinatorial Optimization to Real World Challenges
  • Structure and Design of Flight Schedules
  • Optimization in Integrated Circuit Design


Winter term 2022/23

TitleTypeDatesLecturer (assistant)
Exercises for Integer Optimization [MA3505]UELink
  • S. Weltge
  • M. Ritter
Integer Optimization [MA3505]VOLink
  • S. Weltge
  • M. Ritter

A list of previous courses can be found on TUMonline.




  • Bichler, Martin; Gritzmann, Peter; Karaenke, Paul; Ritter, Michael: On Airport Time Slot Auctions: A Market Design Complying with the IATA Scheduling Guidelines. Transportation Science, 2022 mehr…
  • Hartmann, Christoph; Opritescu, Daniel; Volk, Wolfram; Schmiedl, Felix; Ritter, Michael; Gritzmann, Peter: A knowledge-based automated driving approach for flexible production of individualized sheet metal parts. Knowledge-Based Systems 244, 2022, 108558 mehr…


  • Gritzmann, P.; M. Ritter and P. Zuber: Optimal Wire Ordering and Spacing in Low Power Semiconductor Design. Mathematical Programming 121 (2), 2010, 201-220 mehr…


  • Gritzmann, P.; M. Ritter, W. Stechele and P. Zuber: The optimal wire order for low power CMOS. 15th International Workshop on Integrated Circuit and System Design, Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3728), Springer, 2005Leuven, Belgium, 674-683 mehr…